If you have any questions about CAMP feel free to give anyone listed below a call, as they will be able to help.

President –Joann Delvescio
New Jersey Campground Owners Association
Phone: 609-545-0145 | Email: joann@campnj.com
Vice President –Lori Severson
Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners
Phone: 800-843-1821 | Email: lori@seversonandassociates.com
Secretary –Jason Vaughn
Pennsylvania Campground Owners Association
Phone: 610-767-5026 | Email: marketing@pacamping.com
Treasurer –Don Bennett
Campground Owners of New York
Phone: 800-497-2669 | don@nycampgrounds.com
Past President – Michael Moore
Texas Association of Campground Owners
Phone: 877-518-1989 | michael@texasadvertising.net